HRC55 Standard size Carbide Rough End Mill

  • Hardness: HRC55
  • Suitable for: Carbon Steel
  • Drill Type: Roughing End Mill
  • Application: CNC Process
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    The roughing end mills have scallops on the outside diameter which causes the metal chips to break into smaller segments.  This results in lower cutting pressures at a a given radial depth of cut.  

    1.Using micro-grain tungsten steel base material, it has high wear resistance and strength, and belongs to the milling cutter for high-hardness high-speed cutting applications
    2.The blade is coated with bronze color, which can directly perform rough machining to fine machining of heat-treated materials below 55 degrees, reducing the number of tool changes, improving machine tool utilization, and saving manufacturing time.

    1.Large-capacity chip removal has powerful cutting, and the dispatching cutting is smooth, which can realize high-efficiency processing
    2.The chamfered layout of the handle makes it easier to install and clamp, the chamfer is smooth and bright, round and solid, beautiful and applicable

    Instructions for use
    1. Before using this tool, please measure the tool deflection. If the tool deflection accuracy exceeds 0.01mm, please correct it before cutting.
    2. The shorter the length of the tool extension from the chuck, the better. If the extension of the tool is longer, please adjust the speed, in/out speed or cutting amount by yourself.
    3. If abnormal vibration or sound occurs during cutting, please reduce the spindle speed and cutting amount until the situation improves.
    4. The preferred method of cooling steel material is spray or air jet, so as to use cutters to achieve better results. It is recommended to use water-insoluble cutting fluid for stainless steel, titanium alloy or heat-resistant alloy.
    5. The cutting method is affected by the workpiece, machine, and software. The above data is for reference only. After the cutting state is stable, the feed rate will be increased by 30%-50%.

    Brand MSK Material Stainless steel, die steel, plastic, alloy steel, copper, etc.
    Type End Mill Flute Diameter D(mm)


    • ISO9001
    Package Box


    Flute Diameter(mm) Flute Length(mm) Head Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Flute


    4 10 4 50 3/4
    6 16 6 50 3/4
    8 20 8 60 3/4
    10 25 10 75 3/4
    12 30 12 75 3/4
    16 40 16 100 3/4
    20 45 20 100 3/4

    Aviation Manufacturing
    Machine Production
    Car manufacturer

    Mold making
    Electrical Manufacturing
    Lathe processing

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