HSSCO Metal Countersink Drill Bit

  • Use: Metal Drilling
  • Materal: HSSCO with TIN coating
  • MOQ: 10PCS of each specification
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    HSSCO Countersink drill bit tools are perfect for use in a drill press or portable drill for those larger jobs where a countersunk hole is required. We stock various sizes for use on all different types of materials.


    Brand MSK MOQ 10pcs
    Product Name Countersink Drill Bits Package Plastic Package
    Material HSS M35 Angle 60/90/120


    Use: Used for 60/90/120degree chamfering or tapered hole of workpiece round hole.
    Features: It can finish the tapered surface at one time, and is suitable for small cutting volume processing.
    Difference: The main difference between single-edge and three-edge is that the workpiece with single-edge processing has good finish, and the three-edge processing has high efficiency and life.
    Shank diameter: 5mm for 6's shank, 6mm for 8-10's shank, 8mm for 12's shank, 10mm for 16-25's shank, and 12mm for 30-60's shank.

    countersink drill (3)
    Size Recommended Hole Diamter Size Recommended Hole Diamter
    6.3mm 2.5-4mm 25mm 6-17mm
    8.3mm 3-5mm 30mm 7-20mm
    10.4mm 4-7mm 35mm 8-24mm
    12.4mm 4-8mm 40mm 9-27mm
    14mm 5-10mm 45mm 9-30mm
    16.5mm 5-11mm 50mm 10-35mm
    18mm 6-12mm 60mm 10-40mm
    20.5mm 6-14mm    

    Three edges chamfering tool: three edges cutting at the same time, high efficiency, more wear-resistant
    Suitable for: chamfering and depth cutting of hard materials such as mold steel, stainless steel, rails, etc.
    NOT recommended: processing soft and thin materials, such as copper, aluminum, etc., not recommended to use hand drill
    Single-edged chamfering tool: single-edged chamfering smooth, rounding effect is good.
    Suitable for: processing soft materials, thin materials, deburring operation is simple, more suitable for first-time users
    NOT recommended: high-speed use, the speed of about 200 suitable
    Single-edged is recommended for beginners


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