HSSCO UNC American Standard 1/4-20 Spiral Tap

Material:     HSS4341/M2/M35

Standard:    UNC/UNF

Usage:         Blind hole

Advantage: The longest tool life by high speed steel.

Feature:       Sharp cutting, wear-resistant and durable

  • Material: HSS4341/M2/M35
  • Standard: UNC/UNF
  • Usage: Blind hole/Through holes
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    1. This material is currently the best grade of high-speed steel on the market. The cobalt content ensures the hardness and toughness of the high-speed steel. Suitable for drilling various metals, such as stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum alloy, cast iron, and other metals, as well as various soft materials such as wood and plastic. 




    The longest tool life by high grade tungsten steel.

    Stable cutting screw threads improve rigidity on by optimize the edge and flute shapes.




    High performance without choosing work material, machine, cutting condition with high flexibility.

    Stable chips and cutting scene from Structural Steels to Stainless Steels, Aluminium Alloys.





    Sharp cutting, wear-resistant and durableNo sticking to the knife, not easy to break the knife, good chip removal, no need for polishing, sharp and wear-resistant

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