DIN352 HSS 3PCS Hand Taps Set

Material:         HSS

Precision:       High Precision

Application:   Manual tapping

Standard:       Metric

Suitable for:  Carbon Steel/ Aliminium/Alloy steel/stainless

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Hand taps refer to carbon tool or alloy tool steel thread rolling (or incisor) taps, which are suitable for hand tapping. There are generally two or three hand taps, which are called head taps respectively. There are usually only two for the second attack and the third attack. The hand tap material is generally alloy tool steel or carbon tool steel. And there is a square tenon at the tail. The cutting part of the first attack grinds 6 edges, and the cutting part of the second attack grinds two edges. When in use, it is generally cut with a special wrench





Advantages: high hardness, sharp and wear-resistant, smooth chip evacuation




Features: High-speed steel material is used for overall heat treatment, high hardness, fast company speed, accurate thread, long service life




Terms and Conditions: When tapping, insert the head cone first to make the center line of the tap consistent with the center line of the drill hole . Rotate both hands evenly and apply a little pressure to make the tap enter the knife, no need to add pressure after the knife is entered

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