High-quality HSS Extrusion Tap Titanium Plated Thread Forming Extrusion Taps For Stainless Steel

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Extrusion tap is a new type of thread tool that uses the principle of metal plastic deformation to process internal threads. Extrusion taps are a chip-free machining process for internal threads. It is especially suitable for copper alloys and aluminum alloys with lower strength and better plasticity. It can also be used for tapping materials with low hardness and high plasticity, such as stainless steel and low carbon steel, with long life.




No chip processing. Because the extrusion tap is completed by cold extrusion, the workpiece is plastically deformed, especially in the blind hole processing, there is no problem of chipping, so there is no chip extrusion, and the tap is not easy to break.



Strengthen the strength of the tapped teeth. Extrusion taps will not damage the tissue fibers of the material to be processed, so the strength of the extruded thread is higher than that of the thread processed by the cutting tap.




Higher product qualification rate. Since extrusion taps are chip-free processing, the accuracy of the machined threads and the consistency of the taps are better than those of cutting taps, and cutting taps are completed by cutting. In the process of cutting iron chips, iron chips will always be more or less Exist, so that the pass rate will be lower.

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