HSS Cobalt Straight Flute Bronze Color Tap

● Sharp and no burrs

● Whole grinding

● Excellent selection of materials

● Wide range of applications

● Forged from high-speed steel material

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Hand taps have a straight flute and come in a taper, plug or bottoming chamfer. The tapering of the threads distributes the cutting action over several teeth.

Taps (as well as dies) come in a variety of configurations and materials. The most common material is High Speed Steel (HSS) which is used for softer material. Cobalt is used for harder materials, such as stainless steel.


We have everything you need for machining your material – for many different areas of application. In our range we offer you drills bits, milling cutters, reamers and accessories.

MSK stands for absolute premium quality, these tools have perfect ergonomics, are optimised for the highest performance and the highest economic efficiency in application, functionality and service. We do not compromise on the quality of our tools.



MSK Coating Yes
Product Name Straight Shank Tap Thread Type Coarse Thread
Material HSS6542 Use Hand Drill


1.Sharp and no burrs

The cutting edge adopts straight groove design, which reduces the wear during cutting, and the cutter head is sharper and more durable.

2.Whole grinding

The whole is ground after heat treatment, and the blade surface is smooth, the chip removal resistance is small, and the hardness is high.

3.Excellent selection of materials

Using excellent cobalt-containing raw materials, it has the advantages of higher toughness, good hardness and wear resistance.

4.Wide range of applications

Cobalt-containing straight flute taps can be used for drilling of different materials, with a complete range of products.

5.Forged from high-speed steel material, the surface is plated with titanium, and the service life is longer.





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