HRC55 Carbide 2 Flute Micro End Mill Micro-diameter tungsten steel milling cutter

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Type Milling Cutter Material Tungsten Steel
Workpiece Material Coating: Quenched and tempered steel, alloy steel, tool steel, cast iron, stainless steel

Heat treated steel, carbon steel and other steel parts


No coating: Aluminium, copper,aluminium alloy, magnesium alloy, etc.

Numerical Control CNC
Transport Package Box Flute 2
Coating Uncoated for aluminium, coating for steel Specification See the following table


  1. Very fine Tungsten carbide base metal.

The new ultra-fine particle tungsten carbide base material has high brevity and hardness. It has high war resistance and strength.

  1. Coating: TiSiN, with very high surface hardness and good wear resistance, AlTiN, AlTiSiN is also avaiable

Application: widely used in Machining, aerospaee, automobile and other precision manufacturing areas.

  1. With superfine grinding wheel processing sharpening, 2-edge chip removal smoothly and more sharp and wear-resistant. By means of purification technology, the adhesive particles of cutting tools are removed. Multi-layer coating, reduce the number of tool changes. Processing is handy and crack-proof.
  2. Ctting Groove is the main cutting edge, which reduces the number of tool changes. Improve the machine tool crop motility and save the time of mould making.

Mainly Applied to

Milling machine parts processing ,stainless steel case.

Watchband CNC processing industry, automotive parts CNC processing industry, CNC processing industry for Knitting large round machinery parts, CNC mould industry, Alloy CNC processing industry.


①Before using the tool,please check the knitting of the tool. When the tool deviation accuracy exceeds 0. 01 mm,please correct and then cut.

②The shorter the length of the tool extension chuck, the better. If the tool extension is longer,please adjust and reduce the speed of feed or cutting quantity by yourself.

③If abnormal vibration or sound occurs in cutting,please adjust the spindle speed and cutting amount until the situation improves.

④Steel cooling is better than spray or jet. Stainless steel, titanium alloy or heat-resistant alloy are recommended to use water-soluble cut-ting fluids.

⑤Cutting mode is selected according to the influence of workpiece,machine and software.

⑥When the cutting condition is stable, the feed speed will be in-creased by 10%-30%.

Flute Diameter (mm) Flute Length(mm) Shank Diameter(mm) Length(mm)
0.2 0.4 D4 50
0.3 0.6 D4 50
0.4 0.8 D4 50
0.5 1.0 D4 50
0.6 1.2 D4 50
0.7 1.4 D4 50
0.8 1.6 D4 50
0.9 1.8 D4 50
R0.1 0.4 D4 50
R0.15 0.6 D4 50
R0.2 0.8 D4 50
R0.25 1.0 D4 50
R0.3 1.2 D4 50
R0.35 1.4 D4 50
R0.4 1.6 D4 50
R0.45 1.8 D4 50


Widely used in many fields

Aviation Manufacturing

Machine Production

Car manufacturer

Mold making

Electrical Manufacturing

Lathe processing


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