High Quality Floor Standing Drill Press For Sale

  • Maximum drilling diameter mm: 25
  • Base size mm: 690*500
  • Brand: MSK
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    1. High-efficiency and energy-saving two-speed motor. The motor can change the speed step by step according to the requirements of the nature of the load.

    2. Integrated power switch. Novel design, beautiful appearance and convenient operation.

    3. Spindle speed adjustment. Gnu workpiece processing needs, adjust the appropriate speed requirements, easy to operate.

    4. Precise scale bar. It is convenient during processing, and the processing depth can be clearly known.

    5. One-key emergency stop. When the work operation is inappropriate, this button can be photographed to quickly stop the machine tool and reduce losses.

    6. Cooling device. Prevent the overheating of the tool from affecting the workpiece processing and prolong the service life of the tool.

    Type Cylindrical vertical drilling machine
    Brand MSK
    Main Motor Power 2.2 (kw)
    Dimensions 108x62x245 (mm)
    Number Of Axes Single Axis
    Drilling Diameter Range 40 (mm)
    Spindle Speed Range 42-2050 (rpm)
    Spindle Hole Taper MT4
    Control Form Artificial
    Applicable Industries Universal
    Layout Form Vertical
    Scope Of application Universal
    Object Material Metal
    Product Type Brand New
    After-sales Service One Year Warranty


    Item number: Z5025 Z5025-8 Z5030
    Maximum drilling diameter mm 25 25 30
    Maximum tapping diameter mm / / M20
    Column diameter mm 100 100 120
    Max stroke of spindle mm 150 150 135
    Distance from spindle center to column busbar mm 225 225 320
    The maximum distance from the spindle end to the worktable mm 630 / 550
    The maximum distance from the spindle end to the base table, mm 1070 550 1100
    Spindle taper MT3 MT3 MT3
    Spindle rotation range r/min 100-2900 100~2900 65-2600
    Spindle speed series 8 8 12
    Spindle feed mm/r / / 0.1/0.2/0.3
    Table size mm 440 / 500/440
    Table stroke mm 560 560 490
    Base size mm 690*500 690*500 400*390
    Overall height/mm 1900 1390 2050
    motor w 750/1100 750/1100 850/1100
    Cooling Pump Motor 40 40 40
    Gross weight/net weight kg 300/290 235/225 495/450
    Packaging size cm 70*56*182 78*52*117 108*62*215

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