DIN338 HSSCO M35 Double End Twist Drills 3.0-5.2mm

  • Angle: 135
  • Diameter: 3-5.2mm
  • Standard : DIN338
  • Package: 10Pcs/box
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    1. Suitable for drilling holes in stainless steel, die steel, aluminum alloy, cast iron, copper, galvanized pipe and other metal materials
    2. High hardness, wear resistance, accurate positioning, good chip removal and high efficiency
    3. Only cold-rolled steel can be used, quenched and quenched and tempered steel are strictly prohibited.


    Diameter Total Length Flute Length Pcs/Box
    3.0mm 45mm 15.5mm 10
    3.2mm 49mm 16mm 10
    3.5mm 52mm 17mm 10
    4.0mm 53mm 17.5mm 10
    4.2mm 55mm 18.5mm 10
    4.5mm 55mm 18.5mm 10
    5.0mm 60mm 20mm 10
    5.2mm 60mm 20mm 10
    Brand MSKT Coating No
    Product Name Double End Twist Drill Standard  DIN338
    Material HSSCO Use Hand Drill


    Tips for electric drill processing operation:
    1. 12V lithium electric drill is not recommended because of low torque, 24V, 48V lithium electric drill is recommended.
    2. When drilling, the drill bit and the stainless steel plate are perpendicular to 90 degrees,
    3. If the hole is larger than 6mm, first use a 3.2-4mm drill to drill a small hole, and then use a large drill to expand the hole
    4. The electric drill chuck must clamp the double-ended drill. The shorter the exposed part, the better. The cutting edge of the drill does not need to be too sharp or too sharp.
    5. The speed of the electric drill should be between 800-1500. The effect should not be too large.
    6. Before punching a hole, you can use a sample punch (or a nail instead) to punch the center point at the punching position first, and the drill bit will not deviate.


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