CNC Metal Milling Tool Single Flute Spiral Cutter

  • Brand : MSK
  • Flute Diameter D(mm) : 3.175-8
  • Material: Aluminum, aluminum alloy
  • Type: End Mill
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    Brand    MSK    Material    Aluminum, aluminum alloy
    Type    End Mill    Flute Diameter  D(mm)    ·3.175-8
    Certification    ·ISO9001    Applicable machine tool    Engraving machine, engraving machine, CNC machine tool

    1.Easily Discharge Waste
    2.Not Stick to Cutter
    3.Low Noise
    4.High Finish

    1.Super Sharp Flute Edge
    Completely new flute edge design, perfectly improved cutter performance.
    2.Super Smooth Chip Evacuation
    Redesigned large chip flutes while ensuring that the cutter is strong. The chip removal performance is greatly improved to prevent chip sticking.
    3.High Precision Spiral
    We tested out perfect spiral precision solution based on previous spiral, more smoothly on cutting and outfeeding.

    Operation Manual
    In order to avoid the cutter from twisting due to excessive pressure,all cutting bits aredesigned to rotate clockwise.
    When all the cutters are finished,they have passed the balance test to ensure thatthere is no doubt about runaway. In order to again ensure that the tools are free fromswing and runout during use,please pay attention to selecting machinery and equip-ment and excellent jackets.
    The jacket must be of appropriate size. If the jacket is found to be rusty or worn,thejacket will not be able to clamp the cutter properly and correctly. Please replace thejacket with standard specifications immediately to avoid the cutter from rotating athigh speed handle vibration,flying off or breaking the knife.
    The installation of the cutter shank should be in accordance with EU regulations,and the clamping depth of the cutter shank must be more than 3 times the diameter of the shank to maintain the proper pressure bearing range of the shank.
    Cutter with larger outer diameters should be set according to the following tachometer,and slowly advance to maintain a uniform advance speed. Do not stop the advance during the cutting process. When the cutter is blunt, please replace it with a new one.Do not continue to use it to avoid tool breakage and work-related accidents.Choose the corresponding cutter for different materials. When operating and processing,please wear safety glasses and push the handle safely. When using desktop ma-chines and equipment,you also need to use anti-rebound devices to avoid accidents caused by rebounding of work objects during high-speed cutting.

    Shank Diameter(mm)    Flute Diameter(mm)    Flute Length(mm)    Total Length(mm)

    Shank Diameter(mm) Flute Diameter(mm) Flute Length(mm) Total Length(mm)  
    3.175 1 3 38.5
    3.175 2 4 38.5
    3.175 2 6 38.5
    3.175 3.175 6 38.5
    3.175 3.175 8 38.5
    4 4 12 45
    5 5 15 50
    5 5 17 50
    6 6 12 50
    6 6 15 50
    6 6 17 50
    8 8 22 60
    8 8 25 60
    8 8 32 75

    Widely used in many fields
    Aviation Manufacturing
    Machine Production
    Car manufacturer

    Mold making
    Electrical Manufacturing
    Lathe processing

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