CNC Engraving Machine Carbide Square Bur End Mills

  • Coating: Uncoated
  • Advantages: High strength, high bending resistance, long life
  • Workpiece: Circuit board, epoxy resin, synthetic stone
  • Feature: Higher practicability and strength
  • Application: PCB gong machines, engraving machines, CNC
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    Square Bur End MillsThe surface looks like dense spiral reticulation, and the grooves are relatively shallow. They are generally used for the processing of some functional materials.

    The solid carbide scaly milling cutter has a cutting edge composed of many cutting units, and the cutting edge is sharp.

    Thus, the cutting resistance is greatly reduced, high-speed cutting can be realized, the effect of milling instead of grinding is achieved, the processing efficiency and surface quality of composite materials are improved, and the service life of the milling cutter is prolonged.

    Material Tungsten Carbide Shank 3.175MM
    Type Fishtail Cutter Speed 18000-20000r/min
    Processing range Machine tools; Advertising engraving machines;CNC machining centers, computer shaving machines Usage  electrical wiring, wooden boards, insulating boards
    Delivery Time 7 days for standard sizes OEM service   Available

    1. Using ultra-fine grained cemented carbide material, it has good milling and cutting performance and ensures high working efficiency
    2. Have sufficient flexural strength and wear resistance
    3. Milled grooves, holes and plate edges, the surface is clean, neat and free of burrs.


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