carbide round bar standard size High quality tungsten round bar

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YG10X: Use widely, with good hot hardness. Suitable for milling and drilling general steel under 45 HRC and Aluminum, etc at a low cutting speed. Recommend use this grade to make the twist drills, end mills, etc.
ZK30UF:Suitable for milling and drilling general steel under HRC 55, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc. Recommend to make the drills, milling cutters, reamers and taps.
GU25UF: Suitable for milling titanium alloy, hardened steel, refractory alloy under HRC 62. Recommend to make end mills with high cutting speed and reamer.
1. The arc is smooth, the surface is smooth, not easy to block, and reduces heat generation
2. Use high-quality alloy materials as the rod body to increase the service life and increase the finish
3. Not easy to wear, high-quality materials, high strength, eliminating the trouble of frequent replacement

Why choose us:
1. This product is available in a variety of specifications and stable performance. We strictly select materials, check product production at all levels, and reject defective products.
2.  It is not easy to stick to the knife, reduces heat generation, and is more durable.
3. This product has a wide range of applications and is widely used in aerospace, mold manufacturing, metallurgical equipment, metal processing, etc.
4.  We provide OEM/ODM service and professional after sale service. There is a R&D team in our factory. You can warmly welcome to visit our factory.
5. Short delivery time within 2 weeks. If you choose the item in stock, we can send them to you within 3 days after receiving the payment.
If you still nee some finished tools, please check our website to find the items you need.

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