M35 DIN371/376 TIN Coating Thread Spiral Helical Flute Machine Taps

  • Applicable hole type: Blind Hole
  • Model Number: Straight flute tap
  • Application: CNC Process
  • Precision: 6H
  • Suitable for: Stainless steel, steel,Ball iron, cast iron
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    Product Name M35 Tin Right Hand Thread Spiral Flute Machine HSS Taps Use The busy hole processing of iron, cast iron, alloy steel, carbon steel,abrasive steel, malleable cast iron and other difficult-to-machine metal materials has a higher cost performance and practicality.
    Brand MSK Surface Tin Coated
    Material HSSCO Standard DIN371/376

    REMARK: Any custom size, please contact me!


    1. Small diameter straight groove taps are made of materials imported from Japan, which are wear-resistant, ultra-high hardness, and increase service life.

    2. Using vacuum hardening technology, the knife edge is sharp and the resistance is small.

    3. M35 cobalt-containing material (ultra-high hardness, red hot type promotion) greatly improves the service life of the tap.

    4. The surface is treated with Tin coating and special thread design, high precision, long life, and not easy to break.

    We have everything you need for processing your material - for many different areas of application. In our range we offer you drills bits, milling cutters, reamers and accessories.
    MSK stands for absolute premium quality, these tools have perfect ergonomics, are optimised for the highest performance and the highest economic efficiency in application, functionality and service. We do not compromise on the quality of our tools.

    1. Fully ground, sharp cut.

    2. Clear and tight threads.


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