HSS m35 thread tap tool m8 Spiral left hand thread tap

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Aluminum taps, chip flutes specially developed and designed for aluminum and copper and other non-ferrous metals, and a unique large helix angle, which fully improves the efficiency of aluminum tapping


1This composite tap has extremely high precision, excellent wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

2.Clear edges and corners, precise size, no burrs

3.The edges are smooth, cut with advanced technology, and the cut surface is smooth and flawless

4.A variety of materials are available, the specifications are complete, the manufacturer’s original direct sales, tailor-made exclusive products

5. The guarantee of careful and independent design, perfect care, easy to store, easy to carry.

Care and use

1. Regular inspection and maintenance should be carried out. After each use, please wipe clean the surface materials. If it is a metal product, please use anti-rust oil to prevent rust.

2. In case of malfunction or damage, repair it immediately. Damaged tools are likely to cause injury.

3. Before using the tool, you should know the correct method and scope of use, and select the appropriate tool for maintenance. Tools that are not suitable for a long time still need to be maintained.

4. It must be used in accordance with the designed purpose, and it is forbidden to use the tool before it is tightly installed.

5. Never use damaged or defective tools


1. During operation, please wear work clothes, safety glasses, helmets, etc.; please do not wear loose clothes and gauze gloves to avoid danger.

2. To prevent iron filings from scratching your hands, please use iron hooks to remove iron filings when working.

3. Before use, please check whether the tool has scars, if there are scars, please don't use it.

4. If the tool is stuck, turn off the motor immediately.

5. When replacing or disassembling, make sure that the power supply of the equipment is disconnected.

6. When the tool is rotating at high speed, please do not touch it with your hands to avoid danger.

7. The cutting edge of the tool is very hard, but also very brittle. Please protect it carefully. If the cutting edge will affect the effect of the tool, it can also cause the tool to break.

Common problems of thread processing

The tap is broken:

1. The diameter of the bottom hole is too small, and the chip removal is not good, causing cutting blockage;

2. The cutting speed is too high and too fast when tapping;

3. The tap used for tapping has a different axis from the diameter of the threaded bottom hole;

4. Improper selection of tap sharpening parameters and unstable hardness of the workpiece;

5. The tap has been used for a long time and is excessively worn.

Taps collapsed: 1. The rake angle of the tap is selected too large;

2. The cutting thickness of each tooth of the tap is too large;

3. The quenching hardness of the tap is too high;

4. The tap has been used for a long time and is severely worn.

Excessive tap pitch diameter: improper selection of the pitch diameter accuracy grade of the tap; unreasonable cutting selection; excessively high tap cutting speed; poor coaxiality of the thread bottom hole of the tap and the workpiece; inappropriate selection of tap sharpening parameters; tap cutting The cone length is too short. The pitch diameter of the tap is too small: the accuracy of the pitch diameter of the tap is incorrectly selected; the parameter selection of the tap edge is unreasonable, and the tap is worn; the selection of cutting fluid is inappropriate. 

Product Name Tap for aluminium Metric Yes
Brand MSK Pitch 0.4-2.5
Working Material Stainless steel, aluminum alloy, iron, copper, wood, plastic Material HSS

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