Household Hardware Electric Drill With Power Tools

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    1Stepless speed adjustment
    Core function, adjust the speed according to the pressing force and with emergency braking function
    2 Forward and reverse adjustment
    Assembly, disassembly, one-click conversion, allowing you to easily decorate
    3 LED lighting function
    Randomly start the lighting function, and work at night can also be convenient and fast
    Ergonomic non-slip handle provides intimate protection for your tools

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    1. Strong torque of brushless motor

    Increased speed, surging power, durable and stable

    All copper wire has fast speed, smooth operation, low noise, low loss and low maintenance

    2. Power durability

    Brushless wrench, large capacity battery, durable battery life, uninterrupted battery life

    A six-fold intelligent protection function, over-current protection, short-circuit protection, over-discharge protection, low-voltage protection, over-charge protection, time-limited protection

    B Fast charging and easy work, imported batteries, long-lasting battery life, sufficient power, bringing strong torque

    C Large-capacity lithium battery, new upgrade, increased use time by 30%, efficient and durable

    3. The stainless steel chuck grips powerfully

    Multi-function in one, simple and powerful, powerful clamping, strong clamping, not easy to slip, safe to operate and use, multi-speed adjustment, you can adjust the torque size at will to improve work efficiency

    4. Continuously variable speed switch

    The principle of automatic transmission of automobiles, the switch regulates the speed of the shaft and the torque of the machine, and the work is more free

    Press the heavy speed, the speed is fast, press the light speed, the speed is slow, release the hand and automatically stop

    5 diffuse lighting

    The illuminating lamp adopts the principle of diffusion, and the illumination of large radiation is clearer.

    6. Free switching between forward and reverse modes

    Meet different working conditions

    Press left to reverse

    Press right to turn forward

    7 Multi-ventilation slots for heat dissipation

    Reduce heat during machine use


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