Durable Lithium Chain Saw

Power:                             128W

Core Technologies:      High power stronger power

Rated voltage:               21V

Type:                               Electric Angel Grinder

Voltage and current:    128V; 168V; 198V

  • Power: 128W
  • Core Technologies: High power stronger power
  • Rated voltage: 21V
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    This product has CE certification, UN38.3 and MSDS certification, the feature of double Lithium brushless electric chain saw is continuous battery life, strong power and stronger sawing.

    Six Core Technologies:

    1. High power, stronger power

    2. Double battery life, dual lithium battery power supply

    3. Stainless steel chain, not easy to break

    4. Quiet design, free adjustment

    5. Fast heat dissipation, high temperature protection

    6. Brushless motor, strong power

    1 It is small and easy to carry at home. After the power is upgraded, it can easily deal with thicker trunks.

    2 High-performance and large-capacity battery, select A-grade high-quality lithium battery, double lithium battery, strong endurance, long battery life.
    3 Strict quality inspection, a number of international quality inspections are qualified, and the certificate is more guaranteed, based on the industry benchmark.

    4 The difficulty of use is low, which reduces the weight of the product while ensuring the effect, and expands the use group
    5 High-speed heat dissipation system, increase the wind vent, the use of the machine is to start the fan to discharge the heat in the machine, and reduce the temperature of the machine


    Product application location, bamboo harvesting, orchard pruning, wood cutting, wood cutting and wood cutting


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