Distributor Power Tool Machine Angle Grinder

Power Source:   Electric

Type:                   Electric Angel Grinder

Motor Type:      Pure Copper

Grinder Type:   Cordless Angle Grinders

Application:      Cutting, General Grinding and Polishing,

  • Power Source: Electric
  • Type: Electric Angel Grinder
  • Motor Type: Pure Copper
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    Angle grinder (grinder), also known as grinder or disc grinder, is an abrasive tool used for cutting and polishing glass fiber reinforced plastic. Angle grinder is a portable electric tool that uses glass fiber reinforced plastic to cut and polish. It is mainly used for cutting, grinding and brushing metals and stones.


    It can process a variety of materials such as steel, stone, wood, plastic, etc. It can be polished, sawed, polished, drilled, etc. by changing different saw blades and accessories. The angle grinder is a multi-purpose tool. Compared with the portable grinder, the angle grinder has the advantages of wide range of uses, lightness, and flexible operation. "


    1. When using an angle grinder, you must hold the handle firmly with both hands before starting to prevent the starting torque from falling and ensure the safety of the personal machine.
    2. The angle grinder must be equipped with a protective cover, otherwise it must not be used.
    3. When the grinder is working, the operator should not stand in the direction of the chips to prevent the iron chips from flying out and hurt the eyes. It is best to wear protective goggles when using it.
    4. When grinding thin plate components, the grinding wheel should be lightly touched to work, not too strong, and pay close attention to the grinding part to prevent wear through.
    5. When using the angle grinder, handle it with care, cut off the power or air source in time after use, and place it properly. It is strictly forbidden to throw it away or even drop it.

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