5D Coolant-fed Solid Carbide Twist Drill

1. Tolerance of cutting edge diameter m7

2. Shank according to DIN6535HA h6

3. Primary edge point angle 140 degree

4. Measurements manufacturered according to standard DIN6537

  • Brand: MSK
  • MOQ: 10
  • Type: Twist Drill Bits
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    This coolant deep hole drill bits is not easy to wear, increase the service life of the drill. 0.6 micron grain tungsten steel cemented carbide, using micro grain tungsten steel base material, has higher strength, is not easy to wear, and belongs to the exclusive drill bit for high hardness and high cutting applications.


    Brand MSK Coating TiCN or as requested
    Product Name Coolant Twist Drill Outer Edge Angle 140
    Cooling Method Inner Coolant Shank Length 124mm,133mm


    1. Use for the process of structural steel; alloy steel; stainless steel and other common materials;

    2. Precise centering ability which enables to gain stable dimensional accuracy and fine surface quality;

    3. Suitable for prcessing system with excellent rigidity.


    1. What is your products range?

    We mainly produce carbide tools, like carbide end mills, drills and reamers. We also have stock of hss drills,taps, and PCD tools.

    2. Can you offer samples?

    Yes, we can. You can get our standard sizes in stock to test the quality at low cost.

    3. What is your advantage?

    Our factory use SACCKE, ANKA, HOTTMAN machines to produce carbide tools.

    4. Payment terms?

    T/T, Paypal, Ali trade insurance; West union.

    5.How long will it take to receive the goods after payment?

    We will send the goods to shipping agent within 15 days.


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