HRC55 4 Flute Corner Rounding End Mill

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Type HRC55 4 Flute Corner Rounding End Mill Material Tungsten Steel
Workpiece Material Carbon Steel;Alloy Steel;Cast Iron;Stainless Steel;Hardened Steel Numerical Control CNC
Transport Package Box Flute 4
Coating TiSiN Hardness HRC55


1.Coating: TiSiN, with very high surface hardness and good wear resistance.

Tolerance of End Mill Diameter:1 D≤6 -0.010 -0.030;6 D≤10 -0.015 -0.040;10 D≤20 -0.020 -0.050

Cutting Edge Design:Corner radius, uneasy to cracking, widly used in high speed cutting

2. Double-edge design improves rigidity and surface finish effectively. Cutting edge over the center reduces the cutting resistance. High capacity of junk slot benefits chip removal and increases machining efficiency.

Instructions for use

In order to get a better cutting surface and prolong tool life. Be sure to use high-precision, high-rigidity, and relatively balanced tool holders.

1. Before using this tool, please measure the tool deflection. When the tool deflection accuracy exceeds 0.01mm, please correct it before cutting

2. The shorter the length of the tool protruding from the chuck, the better. If the tool protruding is longer, please reduce the combat speed, feed speed or cutting amount by yourself

3. If abnormal vibration or noise occurs during cutting, please reduce the spindle speed and cutting amount until the situation is changed.

4. The steel material is cooled by spray or air jet as the applicable method to make the high aluminum titanium exert a good effect. It is recommended to use water-insoluble cutting fluid for stainless steel, titanium alloy or heat-resistant alloy.

5. The cutting method is affected by the workpiece, machine, and software. The above data is for reference. After the cutting condition is stable, increase the feed rate by 30%-50%.


Widely used in many fields

Aviation Manufacturing

Machine Production

Car manufacturer

Mold making

Electrical Manufacturing

Lathe processing


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