4 flutes 2mm End Mill Aluminium Steel End Mill Cutting

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    End mills can be used for CNC machine tools and ordinary machine tools. It can  most common processing, such as slot milling, plunge milling, contour milling, ramp milling and profile milling, and is suitable for a variety of materials, including medium-strength steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy and heat-resistant alloy.
    Flutes 4 Workpiece material Ordinary steel / quenched and tempered steel / high hardness steel ~ HRC55 / stainless steel / cast iron / aluminum alloy / copper alloy
    Type Flat Head Uses Plane / side / slot / diagonal cut
    Coating No/TiAlN/AlTiSiN/TiAlN Edge shape Sharp angle
    Type Flat head type Brand MSK
    1. The four-flute milling cutter has a special flute design to improve chip evacuation.
    2. The positive rake angle ensures smooth cutting and reduces the risk of built-up edge.
    3. AlCrN and TiSiN coatings can protect end mill and use them for a longer time
    4. The long multiple diameter version has a greater depth of cut.
    5. The most common material used for end mills is tungsten carbide, but HSS (high speed steel) and Cobalt (high speed steel with cobalt as an alloy) are also available.
    Aviation Manufacturing
    Machine Production
    Car manufacturer
    Mold making
    Electrical Manufacturing
    Lathe processi


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